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地  址:山東省德州市經濟技術開發區東方紅東路6000號
營  銷:0534-2623181 0534-2623132 

傳  真:0534-2623130


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Dezhou Deyao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., former Dezhou Pharmaceutical

Factory in Shandong Province, was founded in 1971. It is a comprehensive

modern pharmaceutical enterprise integrating research, production and sales.

In 2012, the company relo cated to Dezhou Economic and Technological

Development Zone. According to the requirements of the new version of GMP,

the new factory covering an area of 200 mu was built. It has complete equipment and facilities from API to preparations, and a specialized R&D, production

and sales team.


The company adheres to the direction of specialized, refined, particular and

innovative enterprise development. Specialty: focus on the development

direction of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular drugs and anti-tumor drugs.

 Refining: specialize in the sustained and controlled release preparation

technology and freeze-drying preparation technology. Particular: either the first,

or the unique, to be the first in the national sales volume and the only exclusive

product in the country. Innovation: innovative and high-quality development.

Focusing on the management of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular drugs, anti-tumor drugs, large market volume drugs, the three business

divisions have formed a three-in-one trend and sales network proliferates the country. 

The company has strong scientific and technological innovation ability, is the National High-Technology Enterprise, National New Medicine

Research Platform Demonstration Enterprises, Provincial Enterprise Technology Center, Drug Osmotic Pump Engineering Research Center,

Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base, Dezhou medicine industry leading enterprises alliance, Dezhou key "escort" for the development of

enterprises, and has won the Tax-Paying Meritorious Enterprise for multiple consecutive years.


The company insists on three kinds of treatment: "Treat the society well, treat the employees well and treat the shareholders well". It strives to 

improve the operation quality of the enterprise, fulfill the social responsibility , and has been awarded as the Tax-Paying Advanced Enterprise of

Dezhou for multiple consecutive years. Bian Jiangang, chairman of the board with a special allowance from the state council, was elected as a

deputy to the Shandong Provincial People's Congress.


Adhering to the business philosophy of " Make good medicine by our conscience, Improve people's health by our medicine", the company strives

to achieve transformation and upgrading and high-quality development. It has become an excellent pharmaceutical enterprise recognized by the

government, respected by the society and praised by the public. We must undertake the mission of curing diseases, alleviating suffering and

improving the quality of life. The company will undertake the mission of curing diseases, alleviating suffering and improving the quality of life and

strive to become one of the top 100 enterprises in the pharmaceutical industry, make the century dream of  Deyao come true.



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